Infinito Wallet Review 2022 – Is It a Top Pick?

A project of this nature is Infinito Wallet. Infinito Wallet is an all-purpose cryptocurrency wallet that can store more varieties of coins than possibly any other multicurrency wallet. The first all-purpose wallet to support the EOS MainNet will be Infinito Wallet after the EOS voting. We’re not aware of any that are more adaptable in this way. Along with being adaptable as a storage method, Infinito Wallet is also svelte and user-friendly, safe, and expanding its features.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about this outstanding cryptocurrency wallet, along with step-by-step instructions on how to get started using it, in the review of the Infinito Wallet that follows.

What Is Infinito Wallet

Infinito Wallet is a great multi-asset versatile wallet. It offers a lovely list of cryptocurrencies it supports: cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, GAS, Dash, and Dogecoin. Additionally, it enables access to popular smart contract blockchain tokens like: The wallet is offered as a mobile wallet for both iOS and Android devices, supporting ETH ERC20 and NEO NEP-5.

Infinito will appeal to you if security is what draws you most to digital wallets. Good security features are present in the wallet. The touch ID claim stands out among them and is a new standard for mobile wallets. Along with multilingual support, transaction history, a QR code scanner, contacts management, price management, and virtual portfolio are other important features. The wallet is the first universal wallet to support the EOS mainnet, in addition.

With iOS and Android apps, Infinito Wallet is also completely mobile. There are currently 12 languages supported by the platform, and more will soon be added. Security features like touch ID assert a new standard for mobile wallets. We could go on (and we will), but suffice it to say that Infinito Wallet is a cut above the competition and comes with our warmest endorsement. Maybe we’ve finally found the one wallet to rule them all!

Pros & Cons Of Infinito Wallet


  • Available in 8 languages and over 190 countries
  • Supports over 2000 coins and tokens
  • Ability to buy, store, transfer, and trade crypto inside a universal wallet
  • Earn interest on your stored coins via staking, lending, and Defi services


  • Mobile wallet, so less secure than hardware wallets
  • Not regulated
  • Slow loading times for wallet balance and price charts

What Can I Do With Infinito Wallet?

Users of all experience levels can buy, sell, trade, and even earn interest on cryptocurrency coins and tokens using Infinito Wallet. Beyond the fundamental buying, selling, and trading features, however, Infinito offers a lot more, including rewards for staking (holding) coins inside your wallet, market trend analysis for trade setups, and immediate support via a live chat feature.

Users can also participate in a weekly investment competition on the platform, risking no money as they place trades using demo accounts. The top 5 performers receive prizes. in addition to this, With Infinito’s wallet connect feature, you can send or receive payments from virtually any blockchain application by simply scanning a QR code.

Infinito Wallet Costs & Fees

Infinito provides free cryptocurrency storage. The free Infinito Wallet app allows you to access your wallet information, which is kept on your phone rather than on centralized servers.

While keeping coins in your wallet is free, you may incur fees based on the exchange network you use and the volume of transactions you make. These fees are paid to blockchain miners; Infinito Wallet does not charge an additional fee for them. With Infinito, you can also set a fixed transaction fee based on how quickly you want your transaction to be completed. This feature is called price optimization. By choosing a slower transfer speed, you can cut costs.

Users of Infinito can manually select their transaction speed: Every choice comes with an increasing cost: Economy, Standard, and Express. The Standard and Economy options can take up to 24 hours or 2-3 business days, while the Express option is typically instantaneous.

Infinito Wallet Security

It all depends on how safe a cryptocurrency is. A crypto user must completely give up convenience in order to be fully secure. However, the user must choose a slightly less secure option if they want to use their coins immediately. It would be impossible for a well-designed wallet to offer the same level of security as a paper wallet because well-designed wallets are intended to be used every day. Digital wallets do not have a flaw in this; it is by design.

One of those wallets, Infinito Wallet, strikes the ideal balance between convenience and security. This is the most secure mobile wallet we’ve seen thanks to their combination of password, passphrase, and even touch ID. There is a slim chance that someone else could use your Infinito Wallet if you take adequate steps to secure access to your phone. Public and private keys for their user and coin data are not stored on centralized servers. A decentralized wallet program is called Infinito Wallet.

Nobody would have a problem with Infinito Wallet’s security features if they were limited to that. However, Infinito’s roadmap demonstrates that they are working on creating even more secure ways to guarantee the security of its users. Users will be able to connect their cold storage (offline) coins with their Infinito Wallet mobile wallet by the end of 2018. Although we are unsure of how this will actually work, if it holds up to the rest of the Infinito Wallet platform, we won’t likely have any complaints.


Infinito offers a feature-rich, technologically sound universal wallet and integrated broker service. With greater enthusiasm than we usually do, we suggest Infinito Wallet to our readers. This is due to the fact that Infinito Wallet will simplify your cryptocurrency life. These incredibly handy apps are what crypto needs to gain more widespread adoption. We wouldn’t be surprised if Infinito Wallet gained widespread recognition as cryptocurrency inexorably entered the mainstream.

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