Dash Core Wallet Review 2022 – Is It Worth Using

If you’re reading this review, there’s a strong chance Dash is already familiar to you. Let’s assume Dash is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has split off from the Bitcoin network and is also an altcoin in order to give a brief overview of what it is. It debuted in January 2014 under the moniker “Xcoin.” It is now ranked number 12 in the cryptocurrency market. However, using it requires a Dash wallet.

While there are other third-party wallets available, such as Exodus, Jaxx, and Dash Electrum, you might want to consider using the desktop wallet Dash Core to store your Dash coins. It is, as the name would imply.

The wallet was designed by Dash, so you can always rely on it to be updated and function at its best. Read on to learn more about every facet of the Dash Core Desktop wallet that you need to be aware of in our review, which goes in-depth.

How Dash And Bitcoin Differ

Dash uses the X11 algorithm, whereas Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm for consensus. This is the main distinction between the two. The X11 algorithm, which uses Conjoin to scramble transactions and makes privacy on its blockchain possible, is a modified Proof-of-Stake algorithm in contrast to Bitcoin’s SHA-256 Proof-of-Work algorithm.

Dash has benefited from the focus on secrecy, which has allowed it to grow rapidly since its introduction. The coin’s current goal is to become one that customers can use for regular transactions.

Since changing its focus, Dash has experienced significant growth. Its market cap of just over $2 billion places it as the 14th most valuable coin as of July 2018. Actually, Dash’s price rose by more than 8,000% in 2017, peaking at $1,550.84 on December 20.

Even before purchasing any Dash coins, a functional Dash wallet is the first requirement if you want to use Dash. While many excellent third-party wallets (like Exodus, Jaxx, and Dash Electrum) support Dash, there is a desktop wallet called Dash Core that you might want to think about using to store your Dash. Since the Dash foundation created it, you can be sure that it is constantly being updated to reflect the most recent Dash release. The download, setup, and use of the Dash Core desktop wallet are all covered in the following sections of this guide.

Pros And Cons Of Dash Core Wallet


  • Only an Internet connection is required for access
  • Trading of cryptocurrencies out of the wallet
  • Easy setup and registration
  • Setting payment limits
  • Very good customer support through exchanges, such as Binance


  • Lowest security standard
  • Private keys are stored by the exchange or the website operator
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges are popular targets of hackers
  • Danger of fake wallets and exit scams

How To Download And Setup The Dash Core Desktop Wallet

The first step is to visit the official Dash website at https://www.dash.org/.

Step 1: Download Installer

A prompt to save the software to your device will appear after you select your preferred option. As soon as you click “Save,” the download will finish. 

Step 2: Install The Application

The application would then need to be installed after the download was finished. Follow the installation instructions after clicking the downloaded app. After the setup is finished, you will be given the option to “run Dash Core” or “finish.”

Step 3: Choose A Custom Data Directory Path

You should be careful when selecting the directory path on your hard drive because another window will appear to give you a quick estimate of how much space your wallet will require. Notably, you should keep in mind that, depending on your usage, your Dash Core data will grow over time. In order to avoid this, make sure your existing drive has enough space. 

After you’re finished, click “OK.”

Step 4: Allow Access To The Firewall

You will be prompted to give the application access if your firewall is on. Allow access by clicking the button, then wait for the application to connect to the Dash Blockchain. 

Step 5: Encrypt Wallet

The first action would be to encrypt your wallet once synchronization is finished. Choose “encrypt wallet” under settings by clicking.” Ensure that the passphrase you enter is both difficult to decipher and simple to remember. The best way to create a secure password is to use a combination of random characters, numbers, and lowercase and uppercase letters. When you’re finished, click “OK.”

Step 6: Read The Risks Involved When You Lose Your Password

A window with a warning about what can happen if you forget your passphrase will show up. Select “yes” to begin the encryption procedure. Set aside some time for the process. Another pop-up window will display to inform you that the application will close just before the wallet’s encryption is complete. Clicking “OK” to confirm will cause the application to be reopened.

Step 7: Back Up Your Wallet

The next action should be to make a backup after you have successfully installed and encrypted your wallet. At the top of the program, select “file,” then select “Backup Wallet.”” You should keep in mind that it’s wise to backup your wallet each time you add more coins. Storage options include the cloud, USB, and hardware.

How Can I Send Dash Using My Core Wallet?

Sending Dash to someone else is simple once you have it in your wallet.

Press “Send” to get started.

You will now see a number of fields that need to be filled out. The recipient’s address should go in the “Pay To:” field, which is the first one. To avoid mistakes, copy and paste whenever you can.

The next field is the “Label” field. In order to add the address to your address book, this creates a label for it that is clear and easy to understand. Sending coins to the same person again can simplify your life even though it is not a necessary field.

You should input the number of Dash coins you wish to transfer in the “Amount” area, which is the next and most important field.

Last but not least is the “Transaction Fee:” field. Expanding the options and choosing “Recommended” is the best course of action in this case.

After filling out the fields, click “Send,” at which point you will be asked to enter your passphrase once more to confirm that you actually want to send coins. Select “OK” after entering the passphrase.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best desktop DASH wallet, there is no better option than giving the company’s DASH wallet a try. They have intentionally incorporated top-notch security elements into the design of their cryptocurrency wallet. You may also be sure to stay current with their most recent releases at all times. You’ll like their services without a doubt if you give them a shot.

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