Review 2022 – How to Earn Free DASH

If you’re looking for online income opportunities, check out Fire Faucet’s paid to click feature. Like shortlinks, but you have to visit ad sites in order to get paid. View your ACP balance by logging in and going to the “Profile” section of the member dashboard. You can submit a claim and wait for your reward once you’ve accumulated a specific amount. Each day, one could earn up to a few hundred Satoshi.

What is

You can use an automatic faucet to earn free cryptocurrencies on the website Firefaucet. You do need to earn points by clicking links and other things to make the auto faucet work. You won’t have to repeatedly finish captchas though, as long as the faucet is open. To create an account, all you need is an email address.

Is Legit or Scam?

Yes, Fire Faucet is a legit site to earn cryptocurrency and not a scam. Since joining in December 2019, I have never recommended scams. I’ve successfully used Fire Faucet to withdraw cryptocurrency more than 100 times as of July 29, 2021. Overall, I give Fire Faucet a positive review.

How Can I Make Cryptocurrency Using FireFaucet?

By completing short links and offerwalls, viewing PTC advertisements, and collecting ACP every 30 minutes from the ACP Faucet, FireFaucet enables you to earn free Auto Claim Points. The Dashboard page is where you’ll find all of these options.

Daily Rewards:

By completing a captcha, you can use this feature to automatically claim points for free every 30 minutes. ACPs and Activity Points will be distributed at random to you. It’s a fantastic way to increase your ACPs with the least amount of work.


Another way Firefaucet allows you to earn ACPs is by viewing shortlinks. I still feel the need to warn you that not all websites are trustworthy.
Some of them demand that you navigate through a number of pop-up windows before continuing. Let me explain shortlinks to you if you’re not familiar with how they work.

To access the website you want, you must first complete a shortlink’s additional set of steps. Clicking there will take you to a distinctive, quiet website. You must read some advertisements in order to solve the captcha.

You must wait a few seconds after clicking the “Continue” button. A “Visit” or “Get link” button will appear, and once you click thereon , you’ll be redirected to the web site you would like to go to. You can often earn ACPs by doing this because Firefaucet pays a small commission for every user who views a shortlink. There are some shortlinks that are more worthwhile to click on than others because not all of them offer the same number of ACPs.

Daily Ranking:

Finishing a list of tasks is an excellent way to earn Auto Claim Points. At a specific time, this list starts over a day.

To earn ACPs, you must complete tasks that are related to Firefaucet’s opposite features.

Top 20 users on FireFaucet receive massive rewards every day. Your daily rank rises as you use the site more frequently.

Level System:

You level up by receiving EXP for every task you complete. With each level, your bonus grows and you also receive a specific gift.


Currently, FireFaucet allows withdrawals to a personal wallet or a microwallet called FaucetPay.
The Withdrawal page for each coin includes information on fees, minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts.

Offer Walls:

With the help of this feature, you can instantly earn a significant number of ACPs after completing certain offers.

There are numerous options, ranging from completing surveys to downloading applications for your smartphone.

It makes it more appealing to complete offers from one offer wall as opposed to others that day.

Daily Tasks:

If you’re wondering whether I’m referring to the similar feature I mentioned earlier? the solution is yes.

The distinction is that, in addition to Auto Claim Points, I specialize in tasks that pay Satoshis when they are completed.

To complete the ACP + BTC tasks, you must put in extra effort, but it is worthwhile.

How to Make a Withdrawal from FireFaucet?

After spending some time building it up, it’s time to withdraw your bitcoin balance. There are two methods for withdrawing money from Firefaucet. Later on, I’ll discuss them.

Initially, you’ll decide to withdraw your bitcoins to your BTC wallet. According to this, you can choose your wallet, an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or Bitso, or an app that you download to your phone.

It is a substitute company that takes over for FaucetHub. You can receive payment from several faucet websites using this so-called micro wallet service.

Many users find this functionality appealing because the withdrawal threshold could be significantly lower.

You need a minimum balance of 10k Satoshis to withdraw money to FaucetPay, compared to 30k Satoshis for withdrawals to external wallets.

The satoshis you receive when exchanging a cryptocurrency for bitcoin are automatically added to your account balance. you’ll then withdraw it using the method I described earlier.

I can’t yet explain the procedure if you want to withdraw each cryptocurrency separately. This is due to the fact that I haven’t received any referrals yet because I initially concentrated on acquiring cryptocurrency and testing the withdrawal process.

FireFaucet Referral Program

When you refer friends and family to offerwalls, videos, surveys, shortlinks, PTC, and faucet claims, you will receive 20% of their earnings!

Now, 5% of all PTC deposits made by your referrals will go to you as well! This could have a really amazing revenue potential if you can find interested marketers.

I will receive compensation for referring you to FireFaucet if you click the link I provided in this review, as stated above. When it comes to cryptocurrency, I never talk about faucets or websites that I don’t actually use.


To earn 2x, 3x, or 4x value, you can set Firefaucet’s auto-collect feature to that value. If you want to use a bigger bonus, you’ll have to pay more ACP for each claim. On the other hand, you’ll have more control over the rate of withdrawal and be constantly aware of how much to withdraw.
Another one of Fire Faucet’s distinguishing characteristics is the fact that it will pay you to visit other websites and view their advertisements. You can start earning after clicking one of the “Visit Site” links and waiting for the loading progress indicator to finish, much like with shortlinks. Following the completion of the page’s loading, you will be required to complete a captcha. You’ll receive a small incentive after completing the captcha.

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