Esfaucet Review (2022) – How to Earn Free Dash Coin?

ESFaucet Dash Coin Faucet is a website that allows you to claim small amounts of DASH (or other cryptocurrencies) for free. You can do this by either solving captchas or completing other simple tasks.

What is Esfaucet?

Their Faucet pays little and is difficult to use. Because there are so many advertising, it’s difficult to identify the relevant “Click me” button (you have to scroll down), because some adverts feature “Click me” buttons as well.

Aside from the Faucet, you may also earn Bitcoin by clicking on their Paid to Click adverts. The money is reasonable, and the advantage is that you don’t have to keep the ad in focus. That implies you can do other things in the meantime. The major disadvantage is that you must complete an obnoxious captcha after each ad. That takes a long time and makes it difficult to complete.

The withdrawal minimum for Bitcoin is just 11000 Satoshis, which is fantastic. You will not be charged a fee if you send money to Coinbase. Faucetpay charges a 10% cost, Express Crypto charges a 5% fee, and another Bitcoin wallet charges a fee of 25000 Satoshis. That is ludicrous, and if you decide to utilise PTCO.BTCNewz, you must use Coinbase, otherwise you will lose much too much money when withdrawing.

How Does Esfaucet Work?

Earnings are minimal, but you can improve them with ES Coins. In their marketplace, you may purchase a variety of items. For example, you may disable Pop Ups and other obnoxious advertisements for a day. To be honest, that is really stupid. You must utilise their website with these really obnoxious adverts to earn ES Coins in order to eliminate parts of the advertising for a day in order to gain additional ES Coins and a few Bitcoin. That’s a ridiculous idea. Of course, advertising are necessary for Faucets to thrive, but if you can’t use the site properly because you’re constantly interrupted by Pop Ups or Video Overlays, it’s just not pleasant to use.

They also have several additional websites, although none of them are really noteworthy. According to their Facebook profile, the firm behind ESFaucet / PTCO-BTCNewz is named Euryalos Studios, and they claim to be a tiny indie gaming and software development company. The only thing they have going for them is their YouTube channel. Some of their films are quite beautifully created, and the voices they utilise are very pleasant. Some other videos, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to see since the background music is nearly as loud as the speech. We have no clue why the quality of their films varies so much, but if you want to learn more about Bitcoin, check out their YouTube page.

Pros and Cons for ESFaucet


  • PTC Ads don’t need to stay in focus
  • No fee for withdrawing to Coinbase
  • Own ES-Coin
  • Great Youtube Channel
  • A lot of Statistics


  • Really high fees if you don’t withdraw to Coinbase
  • Different projects – problems for beginners
  • Way too many ads

How To Earn On ESFaucet?

There are many different methods to earn cryptocurrency on the ESFaucet site. As of now, there are 7 different through which you can claim free coins.

  • Cryptocurrency Faucet

You can claim using any coin-based faucet. After login, you will find the faucet button on the right side. You have to choose a coin and then click on Click Here To Claim and then you have to solve the captcha and click on the claim button.

You can increase your earning by claiming daily.

  • Claim PTC

You will find the PTC page on the new tab after clicking on the Claim PTC button. You can find PTC ads that you can visit and earn free coins.

  • Watch Videos

You will earn ESCoin by watching videos online. The average earning from watching videos is 500 to 700 ESCoin. As of now, they have 6 videos to watch and you can earn a total of 2500 ESCoin by watching these videos.

  • Complete Offers

Offers are one of the best and high paying methods to earn free coins. Here you can earn up to 100,000 coins from each offer that you complete.

  • Start Mining

The mining will increase the CPU usage on your PC/device whilst it is running, depending on your threads picked. More threads will give a higher hash rate, but more CPU usage.

You can mine on any device and will get good hashes. In order to prevent Overheating please use Low Thread

  • Different Bonuses

They have different bonus options, for now, you can earn for, weekly ES Bonus, Membership bonus, and Onyx bonuses.

Is Esfaucet Referral Program Available?

Of course, ESFaucet has something to give if you recommend individuals to them. Every claim referred by you earns you a 20% commission. Your referral does not earn less; instead, you receive it as a bonus from ESFaucet. If you wish to promote them on your blog, they also have some banner advertisements available. Some of these advertisements are quite well-crafted and visually appealing.

ESFaucet Offers Upgrades with ES Coins

Although the revenues are fairly minimal, they may be upgraded with ES Coins. You may purchase a variety of items in their marketplace. For instance, you can temporarily stop Pop-Ups and some other obnoxious advertisements. To be honest, that is really stupid. You must utilize their site with these highly obnoxious advertisements to earn ES Coins in order to temporarily block part of the advertisements in order to gain further ES Coins and a few Bitcoin. That is a ridiculous notion. Of course, Faucets require advertising to live, but if you are unable to use the site effectively due to constant Pop Ups or Video Overlays, it is just not enjoyable to use.

You may also purchase further Upgrades, although they are hardly worth your time. Simply claim Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies if you use ESFaucet.

They also have a few more websites, none of which are really noteworthy. According to their Facebook profile, the firm behind ESFaucet / PTCO-BTCNewz is named Euryalos Studios, and they describe themselves as a small independent gaming and software development studio. The only thing that makes them stand out is their YouTube account. Several of their films are quite well-made, with extremely nice voices. However, some other videos are really difficult to see due to the background music being nearly as loud as the speech. We have no clue why their films are of such varying quality, but if you’re interested in learning more about Bitcoin, feel free to check out their Youtube account.

How to Withdraw On Esfaucet

They pay only blockchain based, meaning no faucethub or coinpot withdrawal possible. Everything is always explained when you want to withdrawal: eg dogecoin, withdrawal mininmum is 40 doge. If you want to withdrawal you can always exchange different currencies to get your minimun withdrawal amount.

The withdrawal is not somewhere hidden, they make it very easy to find everything. Withdrawal is within 90 minutes.

Final Thoughts

ESFaucet is not a time waster. Earnings range from low to moderate, the site is a little too cluttered with advertisements, and it’s not very user-friendly. It’s not enjoyable to claim from their Faucet, and the profits are much too minimal as a result. However, everything is operational, and they have paid out customers over the previous two years (as seen by several payment proofs on various web sites), thus we believe it makes sense to utilize ESFaucet.

The proprietors appear to be game and software developers, and while I cannot say whether they are competent in their field, it is evident that they are not proficient in web design. Their Youtube Channel demonstrates that they are capable of producing some excellent films, and they should continue to do so. At the moment, their Crypto Faucet appears to have been developed with little regard for usability.

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